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House Keeping

KNC Housekeeping Services

KNC Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in housekeeping and cleaning services and provides top class team of housekeeping men and women to all commercial establishments, offices, industries, factories and even to the residences. Our housekeeping services is more than just cleaning. We aim to create dust free and healthy workplaces everywhere within your premises. With a team of highly reliable, efficient and equipped with the latest tools, our housekeeping staff are fully competant to provide you the cleanest place in the shortest of time and backed by the industry experience making us one of the best housekeeping agency in Bangalore.

Difference Between us and Others

Hire KNC Facility Management for office housekeeping and commercial cleaning; if you are looking for commercial cleaning services, then you’ve come to the right place. KNC Facility Management specializes in office housekeeping and commercial cleaning Service. Whether you are just a small company with a couple of employees or a large enterprise with thousands of staff, our cleaning technicians are up to the challenge. We will arrive at the premises at the time that you prefer and ensure that everything is cleaned to your satisfaction. When our technicians leave, your premises will be sparkling clean and spotless. We use separate equipment and microfiber mops to minimize viral and bacterial cross-contamination between different areas such as kitchen, toilet, and the office. The cleaners will use only top grade cleaning products and equipment, such as microfiber mops and cloths which will pull out the dirt without having to use too many chemicals.

Our Services Includes:

  • Cleaning window glasses and partitions
  • Dusting of windowsills and ledges
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Vacuuming furniture including under cushions
  • Dusting all furniture, shelves, and woodwork
  • Cleaning telephones, light switches, and intercoms
  • Cleaning wastebaskets and ashtrays
  • Mopping and cleaning floors
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Washing tile floors
  • And more according to your requirements

Our Professional Staffs

We are reputed in and around Bangalore for the quality of the commercial cleaning services that we provide in terms of both the thoroughness of the job that we do and the reliable staff that we employ. All our employees are thoroughly vetted before they are accepted into our company. We carry out reference checks to ensure that we send only dependable people to our clients’ premises.

Our staffs are systematically trained in all aspects of cleaning. We deliver superior results by using the best cleaning techniques, and accessories, and equipment. We can customize the cleaning schedule to your requirements. Whether you need daily housekeeping, monthly or quarterly cleaning, or annual maintenance, we can get that done for you.

Why you need us?

Commercial Carpet, Sofa & Chair Cleaning, we often think that our chairs, sofas, upholstery, and carpets are clean only because they appear clean. However, over a period of time, they can collect germs, dirt, dust, grime, and other pollutants. Regular cleaning will not only keep them looking great, but also ensure health of your employees.

Hire KNC Facility Management for cleaning carpets, sofas, chairs, and upholstery at your workplace. KNC Facility Management specializes in cleaning office carpets, sofas, chairs, and upholstery. All cleaning is done with specialized equipment and by professional cleaning technicians to ensure that the fabric is not damaged at all.

We use latest technology

To ensure high-quality cleaning, we have equipped ourselves with latest cleaning machines such as:

  • Wet and dry vacuum cleaners
  • Dry-cleaning machines
  • Injection extraction machines

We also shampoo and clean carpets using the following cleaning techniques: Dry foam shampooing of carpets, Hot water injection extraction, Spotting of the carpet

Even if you regularly vacuum the carpets, it can soon begin to look worn out and dull. Simple vacuum cleaning will also not remove the germs and dust which would have settled deep into the inner carpet fibers. It is recommended that you clean the carpet at least every 6 to 12 months to prevent the fibers from breaking down, and avoid permanent stains. This will also eliminate the possibility of dirt and germs settling in.

KNC Facility Management’s professional carpet cleaning service will keep your carpets clean, bright, fresh, and spotless. We will help restore a healthy work environment where your employees will thrive.

The chairs that you use at your office are meant to make employees feel comfortable, and improve productivity. When your clients come to discuss business proposals, you need to welcome them to a vibrant and clean office space, with spotlessly clean upholstery on all furniture. No one is going to go through your office furniture with a fine tooth comb, but if they are dirty and stained, it will immediately catch the eye of a visitor and create a negative impression in their minds.

Why Us?

There are many commercial cleaning companies in Bangalore, but why choose us? KNC Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, has one of the best customer retention levels in the industry. KNCFMPL ISO 9001:2015 recognised from CDG is the world's leading certification, inspection, compliance, training, Registration & testing company. CDG is the business standards company that assists organizations make perfection a habit – all around the globe. This loyalty is earned through our dedication and continuous efforts to provided high – quality, value added services that exceed our clients expectations. We are most responsible and understanding of diversity. Our mission to exceed customer expectations involves. Understanding specialized customer needs, systems and procedural modifications, flexibility for each and every clients. KNC Facility Management’s cleaning team is reliable and well-trained in using the latest cleaning products and equipment. We carry out detailed reference checks to ensure that we send out only trustworthy people to your premises. Our cleaning solutions are designed to ensure that your carpets, sofas, and upholstery will retain their brightness, color, and appearance for a long time.

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KNC Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, has one of the best customer retention levels making us the best facility management company, a top security company and a very good house keeping services company serving all across Bangalore.

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